Located in Covent garden is a super discreet door with a modest sign (!) indicating that at the bottom of the stairs is a fantastic new restaurant called Flesh and Buns.  The creator behind Bone Daddies ramen in Soho and ex Nobu chef Ross has created a brilliant interactive eatery which creates a great atmosphere, get's everyone involved and most importantly, serves really delicious food.  One of my best friends of far too many years than I'd care to remember has just gotten engaged after dating her now fiancee for... wait for it... TWELVE YEARS...Hoorah!  This called for a yummy catch up dinner so we could hear all the details followed by too many bottles of Prossecco and a little dancing.
We kicked off with edamame, crispy squid, and a selection of mouth-wateringly delicious sushi ( I wouldn't expect anything less from an ex Nobu chef!).  For your main course you choose which 'flesh' you want to go inside your buns.  We chose belly pork, fried sole and got complimentary chicken katsu from the chef as we were celebrating!  The buns are puffy little pillows of wonderfully light dough which you smother in whichever sauce your flesh comes with, along with a little greenery and the flesh itself.  Each different one we ordered was truly delicious but there is something really special about the flavoursome pork belly and the sweet sauce which accompanied it.  We didn't plump for dessert as we were far too full and far more interested in further alcohol consumption, but as a side note ,Flesh & Buns do a brilliantly fun smores dessert where you toast your marshmallows yourself on your table.
This is a truly great restaurant to go with big groups of people or even as a couple where you can choose a different flesh dish each and share.  The staff were extremely helpful and friendly and I cannot recommend this restaurant enough.

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