A friend and I who haven't seen each other for a while decided on a catch up in Soho this week.  Dinner and drinks in town, somewhere not too flashy but delicious all the same.  We decided to try Flat Iron on Beak street.  I'm a big fan of the Illamasqua store which is just across the road and yet have strangely never noticed Flat Iron before.  Spread out over 3 floors and decked out with wooden sharing benches that have incredibly bouncy seats (these make for a lot of fun after a few drinks!) the heavenly smell of grilling steak wafts up your nose as soon as you walk in.  It's a standard no reservation restaurant but the wait for 2 people was a mere 20 minutes which flew by whilst we were sat at the bar having drinks and a catch up.  You get given a can of beef dripping popcorn whilst you wait for your order to be taken, a great snack to tie you over if you're starving like we were! The menu (pinned up on the walls) is a flat rate of £10 for the steak and a side salad with sides priced from £2, we plumped for dripping chips which were by far the best chips I have ever had (BIG statement) and creamed spinach which was too watery for my liking.  Along with sauces for £1, we both went for the Bearnaise which was really really good.  I have to apologise for the pictures, or lack of, I was having far too much fun catching up with M to remember to take any!

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