Working on Oxford Street in London means that all day, every day I'm surrounded by the crazy throng of commuters, workers and tourists that pound the pavements to either get to work or shop their socks off.  With Selfridges a two minute walk from my office, there is huge temptation to 'pop in and have a browse' almost everyday.  A couple of weeks ago on one of my rare (many) lunchtime trips there, I stumbled across The Silence Room.  When Selfridges first opened there was A Silence Room for shoppers to "retire from the whirl of bargains and the build up of energy".  This room has been re-introduced an is honestly a haven amongst the chaos of the busy London streets and shops.  You have to remove your shoes and leave your phone at the entrance (there are lockers) and walk along the darkened corridors until you reach the opening of the 'ultra lounge'.  This glorious room is filled with golden light and bed-like cushioned seating for you to sit, lie back, close your eyes and spend a few minutes enjoying the sound of silence.

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