Just before Christmas the girls and I had an outing to go and see Viva Forever, the Spice Girls musical.  I can't talk about the play for fear of it bringing up memories I would rather forget, so I thought I'd blog about the food we had before the show instead.  We visited the Wahaca in Soho for a taste of the best Mexican market style food.  The location makes for a busy restaurant with a buzz in the atmosphere thanks to a mix of after work and pre-show diners.  The girls had mojito's all around (if you're into cocktails Wahaca make some super delicious ones) and a mixture of food including steak burrito's, sweet potato taquito's, pork taco's and chicken quesedilla's.  You can order food for one like I did, a steak burrito which at 6.95 is super cheap and very filling or smaller plates to share amongst you.  I highly recommend Wahaca as a relatively cheap, easy and delicious place to eat some of the best Mexican.  What are you waiting for? Andale!

British steak burrito with corn chips and salsa

Pork taco's

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