Living out west in what some may call 'the sticks' we have our fair share of yummy places to eat, however we never seem to get restaurants that are 'cool' or 'the place to be' like you do in town.  I'm talking about the Burger & Lobster's and Meat Liquors of our generation.  There is one little area, full of delicious restaurants and as i happened to be driving through I saw bright glaring stage-like spotlights announcing the arrival of a new eatery... Chuck.  Without even glancing at a menu I could tell this was an American style burger joint, which if you know me is right up my alley.  Chuck even follow the trendy 'no reservation' policy, I almost squealed with excitement.  The boyf and I turned up on a Saturday night and had to wait no more than 5 minutes at the bar for a table in the restaurant which was heaving.  Chuck is loud, casual and has the cutest waitress dressed identically in Texan inspired uniform.  The menu is simple which suits me, the less choice the easier the decisions are that you have to make!  The boyf and I decided against starters, we're trying to be healthy (at a burger joint? I know!) however we immediately regretted this decision when we saw a tray of mouth wateringly good looking chicken wings get delivered to the table next to us!  We both ordered the same main which we NEVER do but The Piggy Burger sounded too good to share, we wanted one each! The food was far more delicious than I expected and at seriously reasonable prices will probably have me going back weekly.

From the front
The chipotle sauce was full of smoky barbecue flavour.  If you're a Man v Food fan like me you'll notice the Habanero sauce on the right, one of the worlds hottest chilli sauces!  We manned up and tried the tiniest amount... FIRE.
My beef burger topped with pulled pork, slaw and a perfect serving of chilli cheese fries

The last few mouthfuls of sweet brioche bun were too much for me to handle

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