Sunday saw most of us Brit's snowed in with the overnight snowfall throwing us into panic.  Not me.  I don't let a little snow stand in the way of father / daughter Sunday's especially when there's football on and food involved.  We watched the Chelsea v Arsenal match (which we won by the way, BIG deal) and then slipped and slided our way to our little Sunday hang out, Brook's Diner.  Brook's is a proper American style diner with the decor and music sending you right back to the 50's.  The menu has all the good usual's:  burgers, ribs, wings, milkshakes etc  Brooke's is family run with super friendly staff who always make you feel at home. Visit Brook's here to take a look around their website.

I had the 3 B burger. Beef, Bacon & Blue Cheese oh my! (We had BBQ wings to start but devoured them before I could take a snap!)

Daddy had a rack of BBQ ribs.  Look at him sitting patiently, arms folded waiting to tuck in.

The side of Onion Rings were insanely good.

Fake snowball fight on the way to the car... until he threw the snowball at me and hit my Marc Jacobs... Not impressed!

Hair caught over the ear muff. Annoying.

Me and The Papa

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