Today's lunch called for an outing to Soho to visit The Breakfast Club.  I know the name of this particular establishment may suggest one obvious thing, breakfast, but The Breakfast Club is so much more than that.  They must be doing something right when there's a queue outside at 1:30pm on a Tuesday afternoon.  It's small, it's bright, it's full of beautiful people and the food is delicious.  It's easy to see why The Breakfast Club is one of THE places to be at the moment. K decided she'd have breakfast, even though it was clearly lunch time.  A plate full of pancakes, eggs, mushrooms and hash browns which she smothered an immense amount of golden syrup all over.  J went for the good old cheeseburger which although sounds average was about as tall as a house thanks to one of the thickest burgers I've ever seen.  I had a pulled pork sandwich.  Delicious smoky pulled pork in a bun with cheese, coleslaw and skin on fries.  Pretty much the perfect meal if you're having a terrible day (which I was).  I left feeling full, happy and like I wanted to go back for dinner in a few hours time.