VB S/S 13

I hardly ever re-post pictures from the hundreds of shows that take place during the numerous fashion weeks.  Most blogs as well as the major magazine websites post the same pictures from the same shows which makes it become repetitive.  Blogs become uninteresting to read and the shows lose their value.  However, for me there is an exception, Victoria Beckham.  This is a woman who has found fame through being in a girl group and has evolved into an incredibly talented designer who clothes I believe are on par with some of the seriously big named designers.  There is a difference between posting a hundred photos from a hundred shows to simply show the collection and posting a select few photos accompanied by literature explaining why the show was of value to you.  Each year I seem to end up posting about the Victoria Beckham shows, she is a designer who never ceases to amaze me.  The journey from where she started to where she is now is a fascinating one that deserves to be acknowledged.
This seasons show saw more relaxed, light fabrics which floated beautifully down the runway.  Boyish blouses were teamed with tiered minis and contrasting collars.  Visible bra's and straps were noticeable amongst several of the looks along with Victoria's signature double belts with nearly everything.  Hats were by Stephen Jones and shoes by Manolo Blahnik.

Black / white crepe de chine floor length sleeveless shirt dress

Black double crepe tuxedo jacket with black bonded stretch skinny trousers

Cream soft canvas cropped boy trouser

Double crepe cropped blazer with black crepe de chine double cuff blouse and double crepe a-line skirt

Black matt satin long backless cami dress

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