Do you ever have those nights where you just want to go somewhere and hangout?  You don't want to sit in your own home and do nothing but you don't want to get super dressed up and go somewhere that requires a lot of effort.  I have this problem all the time but finally, my problem has been solved.  Ping is a stones throw away from Earl's Court underground station and covers all your needs from food, to drink, to games.
Ping is half eating area with long benches and square tables and half games area with ping pong and foosball tables.  I arrived early with a friend so we decided to grab some food whilst waiting for the others.  We had delicious pizza's with decadent cocktails in an environment that was so relaxed I forgot I was out in public and not in my own home.  As well as ping pong and foosball, you can order a cocktail which comes with American style red plastic cups and plenty of booze to set you up nicely for beer pong.  Clever minds have thought up great named cocktails such as 'Chandler Ping' and a milkshake based dessert aptly named 'my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard'.  Staff were friendly and food and drink was great... GO HERE.

Slightly creepy but super cool artwork on the walls
Strawberry Bellini & Espresso Martini
The beautiful Emily of Auger Prints (found here)

We had the Volcano pizza, spicy sausage & chilli on a cheese & tomato base
And the Pick-me-up, egg and bacon on a pizza, genius. This was our fave
Beer pong
Happy campers, we love Ping!

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