Last Thursday the rooftop of Selfridges was turned into an eclectic, colourful, stylish mini festival to celebrate the new Bestival picnic range created by Josie Da Bank.  Picture the scene, faux grass floored hallways and ceilings adorned with British bunting lead to the most incredible wall covered ceiling to floor in teacups and saucers...HOW do I get this wall in my home?!  Outside on the roof there was summer decking, potted fruit and vegetables and Indian summer inspired garlands which created the mini Bestival atmosphere, despite the almost gale force winds and slight rain!  We drank organic cider and pitchers of Pimms whilst eating delicious summer salads out of cardboard boxes.  As for the entertainment, we were bopping along to DJ's Kitty & Daisy, laughing at a speech from notorious Howard Marks and doubling over in hysterics whilst singing along and cheering away to the fantastic, all singing, all dancing, hilarious Cuban Brothers.
Thank you Selfridges for a wonderful evening, I now want to grow my own veg, create a teacup wall in my home and befriend one or both of the Cuban Brothers, I'm not fussy.
You can view Josie Da Bank's exclusive picnic range HERE.

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  1. Well written, enjoyed reading this - pictures are complimentary :) You've inspired me to have a picnic based lunch!