Last Thursday the rooftop of Selfridges was turned into an eclectic, colourful, stylish mini festival to celebrate the new Bestival picnic range created by Josie Da Bank.  Picture the scene, faux grass floored hallways and ceilings adorned with British bunting lead to the most incredible wall covered ceiling to floor in teacups and saucers...HOW do I get this wall in my home?!  Outside on the roof there was summer decking, potted fruit and vegetables and Indian summer inspired garlands which created the mini Bestival atmosphere, despite the almost gale force winds and slight rain!  We drank organic cider and pitchers of Pimms whilst eating delicious summer salads out of cardboard boxes.  As for the entertainment, we were bopping along to DJ's Kitty & Daisy, laughing at a speech from notorious Howard Marks and doubling over in hysterics whilst singing along and cheering away to the fantastic, all singing, all dancing, hilarious Cuban Brothers.
Thank you Selfridges for a wonderful evening, I now want to grow my own veg, create a teacup wall in my home and befriend one or both of the Cuban Brothers, I'm not fussy.
You can view Josie Da Bank's exclusive picnic range HERE.


As much as I love cake, and lord knows I love me some cake, sometimes nothing does thetrick better than a huge round chewy chocolate chip cookie.  I'm talking the type of cookies you see when you walk past beautiful bakery windows, not small hard manufactured ones that taste of cardboard. Yuck.  These need to be eaten fresh from the oven.  The chocolate chips will still be melty and warm and the cookie will have a crunchy edge and a chewy gooey middle.  HEAVEN.  These cookies will keep for up to five days and can be popped in the microwave to warm them up.  Dip these bad boys in a huge mug of builders tea and you have yourself a winning combination.

In a bowl mix 250g plain flour, 1/2 tsp bicarb of soda and 1/2 tsp salt.  In a separate bowl mix 140g melted butter,  100g caster sugar &  200g soft brown sugar.
Beat into the mixture 1 tbsp vanilla extract, 1 whole egg & 1 egg yolk until creamy.

Add the flour mixture into your creamy mixture and beat until smooth.
Add 250g of chocolate chips into the dough and mix in with the wooden spoon. (good quality choc chips shouldn't break up).
Form the mixture into decent sized balls (around 2 tbsps dough per cookie) and place on a baking tray lined with parchment paper.  leave plenty of space between each cookie as they will expand during cooking).
Bake in a pre-heated oven at 170 degrees for around 15-20 mins.
Once cooked, leave to cool for around 5 mins on the parchment paper before transferring them to a wire rack.


Holy Wang he's done it again.  NO WORDS FOR THIS.  The clothes make me want to melt, even the way the collection has been shot is beyond.  Wet haired, moody looking models that look like the female version of The Undertaker from wrestling... LOVE.



Brian Atwood Mojito leaher and raffia sandals

Equipment leopard print blouse

Oscar De La Renta multi-strand gold necklace

Proenza Schouler printed tote

Stella McCartney silk bra

Zadig & Voltaire denim cut off's.
The Net-A-Porter sale is now on! Hip hip hoorah, every fashionistas favourite time of year.  I thought I'd put together a summer wardrobe constructed from items on my Net-A-Porter sale wish list (let's hope the boyfriend decides to read the blog today and takes the hint!).  Head on over to Net-A-Porter to snap up or simply drool over all the gorgeous fashiony must-have's.  Make sure you hurry 'cause the good stuff don't last long!


In a bowl combine 1 1/2 cups warm water & 1 tbsp granulated sugar.  Sprinkle 1 sachet yeast on top and mix together.

Add 4 1/2 cups bread flour, pinch of salt & 2 tbsp cooled melted butter.  Knead for about 5 mins until the mixture is smooth but slightly sticky.  Cover the dough with clingfilm and set aside for 1 hour.  The dough should double in size.

Cut the hotdogs in half and slice the dough into around 12 pieces.  On a floured surface roll each slice of dough starting in the centre & working outwards creating long dough strands.

Wrap each dough strand around the half hotdogs.  

Make sure to pinch the ends tightly to seal them or else they will unravel.
Boil the dogs in a large sauce pan of boiling water & 1 cup baking soda for 30 secs.  Remove and place on an oiled baking tray.  brush with a beaten egg and top with salt and pepper.

You should end up with golden brown goodness and your kitchen should smell divine.

I love pretzels, I love hot dogs, I love this recipe.  Everything is made from scratch (not the hotdog's, that's a bit gross) and boy oh boy do they just taste delicious.  This recipe requires patience, but the time and effort result in mouth wateringly-good salty chewy pretzel dogs.  I'm assuming they give you the feel of being at an all American baseball game, at least that's what I imagine when I'm eating them.  Dip into ketchup for added yumminess or posh it up a bit and dunk straight into a jar of fancy chutney, just like I did.  Delicious.  Recipe adapted from original here.


Isn't it every girls dream to wake up and be an Olsen sister?  It's definitely mine and one I've had since I watched Passport to Paris at the tender age of 12.  The Olsen twins (sorry Elizabeth, you don't quite make the cut) are two ridiculously cool women who have worked they're way from being adorable twins on a family TV show to CFDA award winners for womenswear designers... as if?!  The dress sense of these two is simply beyond.  MKO's ensembles sometimes get her labelled as a bag lady... I say you're jealous.  Every girl wants to be an Olsen and if you don't, you're lying.  Please have a napkin handy to mop up any drool from these photos.  You're welcome.