Doesn't my boyf look like the man on the bib?!

An empty platter almost licked clean!
It was my 21st (give or take four years) birthday last month and the boyfriend and I went for dinner at Mayfair's Burger & Lobster after some gift shopping in Selfridges.  The boyfriend being a typical man went for the enormous burger topped with bacon and cheese and I had the grilled lobster.  There is no menu in the restaurant, you literally either have the burger or the lobster (the lobster however can be done two ways, grilled or in a brioche roll) and both are exactly £20 each.  I love lobster and can confidently say this was one of the best I've had.  We are talking about a huge plump and juicy whole lobster with a side of fries, salad and a pot of garlic butter which I ended up dipping everything into!  Burger & Lobster is a no reservations restaurant so be prepared to queue. Fortunately for us we arrived fairly early and were seated immediately.  However when we were leaving there was a large queue and we heard one of the staff say there was a three hour wait!  Fabulous restaurant for no fuss, easy ordering and completely reasonable prices.  If you like lobster, GO TO THIS RESTAURANT!

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