Ingredients:  sweet potatoes, avocado, white onion, eggs, olive oil & salt and pepper

In a bowl, grate the sweet potatoes and onions.  Mix together and add  olive oil, salt & pepper

Squidge (professional term) the potato and onion mixture together and  place in a well heated, slightly oiled pan.  Cook for about 4 mins each side.  Don't worry if the mixture falls apart when you flip it, you're going to turn it to hash any way

Chop the avocado and season well with salt & pepper

Remove the potato hash from the pan and set aside.  Fry the egg in the same pan, you'll get the yummy flavour from the onion

Assemble the hash on the plate (the dark brown slightly crisp bits are my favourite!)  Pile on the avocado then place the egg ontop

Finish off with a drizzle of olive oil, some extra salt and pepper, and if like me you enjoy a bit of heat, a splash of Nando's hot sauce!

I am fully aware that lately my blog seems to have transformed into a food blog!  I can't help it!  I'm eating such wonderful things that I want to share with you all so that you can experience the deliciousness for yourselves.  Late morning on Friday I hadn't had breakfast, just my usual coffee when my stomach made a noise resembling thunder.  I needed something fairly quickly, easy to prepare yet not lacking in flavour.  Open the fridge.... eggs, sweet potatoes and avocado's transformed into sweet potato hash with chopped avocado and fried egg.  MOUTH WATERINGLY YUM.

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