"People who 
                                  live to eat 
                                              are always 
                                                            the best people"

These are the wise words of an extremely wise lady.  Mrs Julia Child.  Being a passionate cooker / eater, I couldn't agree more with this quote.  Julia (I feel as though we are friends so I call her by her first name) is pretty much an oracle when it comes to France (my secret lover) and all foods French.  I love reading about Julia and her life almost as much as I love working with her recipes and creating culinary French masterpieces... or so I try.  Julia Child single handedly revolutionised the way American's (and later the world) approached French cooking by explaining every single step in immense detail so as to make the cooking process as easy as possible.  Julia was a legend with a big appetite and an even bigger personality.  If you know nothing about Julia Child then you can watch the movie Julie and Julia starring Amy Adams and the incredible Meryl Streep for a quick fix.  YouTube also has some original Julia footage.  "Bon Apetite!"

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