The mountain view from our house
Grandpops supervising the souvla (bbq)
Fresh figs from my grandparents tree
My favourite food, grilled Octopus, at a fish tavern
Our daily beach
Incredibly fresh nectarines
Sea bass straight from the sea.  Literally, the restaurant was next to the ocean!
Coming from a big fat Greek family I have been visiting Cyprus every year since I was born for a whopping six weeks at a time during the summer.  A huge amount of my family live in Cyprus and it usually takes about 6 weeks to get round and see them all!  Cyprus is my second home yet as I got older and discovered girls' holidays, my trips to Cyprus became less and less frequent.  Until last Summer, it had been 5 years since I had last visited the island for a holiday.  This is a big deal.  To cut a very long (and very angry) story short, my boyfriend went away with the boys and we didn't end up getting to go away together.  Moody girlfriend.  Along came good old daddy.  Why is it you can always rely on dad's to sort you out?  Daddy felt sorry for me and invited me to accompany him on his relaxing holiday alone to the village where my grandparents live (this is a complete lie I was a brat and invited myself).  So I gatecrashed, and what a great gatecrashing idea it was.  I had a beautifully relaxing week sunning myself into oblivion each day whilst consuming way too many frappes (iced coffee's) than one should and eating the most wonderfully delicious fresh Mediterranean food that simply cannot be beaten.  This cold snowy February makes me long for the days I was walking up and down the beach, ipod on, staring out into the ocean with absolutely nothing on my mind.  Hopefully these photos can spread a little warmth through you whilst your snuggling in your onesie against the radiator.

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