There is often nothing better than staying in with a friend for good food and great movies.  What makes a night like this even more enjoyable is making the food yourself.  It's no secret I love eating, cooking and experimenting with food.  If your trying to arrange plans with me and you mention the word 'sushi', I'm yours.  So last Saturday, my sister from another mother Andrea and I decided we would DIY our own sushi and I literally have not had that much fun in a really long time!  On a recent trip with my dad to the Japan Centre in the Haymarket he treated me to a sushi making kit.  It included everything from the sushi rice to the rolling mats, the only other thing you needed to buy was filling for the rolls.  If you've eaten sushi as many times as me then its fairly straight forward as to how to put a sushi roll together.  We had so much fun choosing fillings, taking silly photographs, trying to roll the sushi roll as tight as possible and nibbling on all of the cut-off ends before sitting down to devour the enormous platter we ended up putting together.  If you're ever in need of ideas for a fun night in with friends then definitely buy yourself a sushi kit and give this a go.  We cant wait to do this again, next time with more friends and even more sushi!

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