The other day I had the biggest urge to bake my favourite of all cupcakes, Red Velvet.  For those of you living on another planet, these have a deep red vanilla sponge with a hint of chocolate and are topped with a delicious cream cheese frosting.  I arranged all my ingredients on the counter ready to bake and realised I was missing one vital thing.  Red food colouring.  I know this doesn't alter the taste of the cupcakes in anyway, but a red velvet cupcake simply isn't the same without it being red!  Unfortunately, my trusty Waitrose in the high street (not so trusty anymore) did not have any food colouring in stock.  I was down, but not out!  When I want something, it has to happen.  I went ahead and made my precious cupcakes minus the food colouring.  Lo and behold, my Velvet Cupcakes (no red included).
P.S. buying silicone cupcake moulds was one of my best purchases ever.  They make the whole baking process clean and easy.  Plus they brighten up the kitchen!

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