I'm a huge fan of J.K Rowling's magical stories.  Her style of writing is enchanting and imaginative, forcing you to conjure up your own magical images of her wonderful wizarding world.
Making the decision to turn these fantastical books into movies was the best decision Rowling could have ever made.  The fantasy was turned into a reality and Harry, Ron and Hermione have been turned into real life people who have now become screen legends.
Harry Potter has become a global phenomenon making people wish we could bring to life some of the magical creations from the books and films.  Simply saying the word 'Butterbeer' sounds delicious, I can only imagine the sweet, velvety taste!  If you are fortunate enough to live in America than you can visit Disney's highly anticipated and newly created Harry Potter theme park where they have not only created Butterbeer, but also Diagon Alley and the famous Hogwarts castle.  For those of us less fortunate, we have to make do with pop-up shops.  The most recent Harry Potter world creation has been erected in none other than Britain's most famous department store, Harrods.
Upon entrance you are faced with a dining table from Hogwarts' Great Hall complete with studio lights and a scenic backdrop.  One room is decorated as Dumbledore's office with portraits of past headmasters adorning the walls.  The space itself is filled with costumes and accessories from the main characters which can be purchased.  The most impressive area has to be Olivanders wand shop.  The outside of the 'shop window' is expertly designed to make you feel exactly as though you are walking through Diagon Alley.  Olivanders at Harrods sells replica wands belonging to every character you can think of.  From Harry to Dumbledore, Snape to Sirius Black, the range of wands on offer is spectacular.  They each come presented in a cushioned Velvet box as well as special edition wands belonging to the main characters.  Also in 'Olivanders' is a glass cabinet show casing exact fine replica's of some of the book's most memorable treasures.  These include The Philosopher's / Sorcerer's Stone, metal castings of all four house crests and the sword of Godric Gryffindor.  All of these are available for purchase.
I strongly urge any Harry Potter fans to go and view this small but wonderful exhibition while it lasts.

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