Working in Central London means I sit on the tube for a total of nearly two and a half hours each day, polluting my poor skin with all kinds of nastiness from the underground.  As soon as I get home from work my main priority is to get straight into the bathroom and wash the days make-up and grime from my face.  Unfortunately, water and ordinary face wash simply don't cut it.  Face wash removes dirt from the surface but I never feel like I've had a deep enough clean to thoroughly extract the days impurities.  Step forward my new miracle beauty product.  Aveda's Tourmaline Charged Radiant Skin Refiner.  Aveda have created a creamy exfoliating facial scrub which removes skin cells to leave a smooth and radiant complexion.  The grains are soft enough so that I don't feel as though I'm scrubbing my face with sandpaper but still manage to remove the excess build-up that face wash can't.  The proof is in the water.  Face wash runs almost clear down the drain whereas the water colour after having used the skin refiner is ashamedly grey/orange (that would be London smog mixed with foundation.  Attractive).  Once used, my face feels as though it's been given a new layer of skin.  I can't stress enough the effectiveness of this product without it feeling harsh on my skin at all.  If you're looking for a deeper clean than what face wash can provide, pop into Aveda and ask for a sample, you won't be disappointed!

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