Joe Corre and Whitney Port
 Vivienne Westwood

In the ancient building of Wilton's music hall, I entered a runway space to be greeted by a stage, a projected backdrop and a glittering gold runway.  I was in love before the show had even begun.  Having never attended A Child Of The Jago show before I was most certainly not disappointed! As much as I enjoy a no fuss fashion show which lets me focus entirely on the clothes, I'm also a fool for theatrics.  for the first time, Jago creators Joe Corre and Barnzley included womenswear into their usual menswear collection.  The incredibly talented and creative team at Illamasqua were given a clear brief for the female models.  Seventies punk rock with a pirate edge mixed with high class eighties hooker.  Half of the models were given sky blue eyes and vibrant blood red smudged lips whilst the other half had jet black lids mixed with expensive gold liquid metal.  When the show began, the models were smoking, kissing and throwing feathers around the catwalk.  This extrovert staging of the show married with the collection perfectly.  The womenswear was sexy yet wearable and the menswear was Jago's usual combination of well sought-out fabrics to create clothing that make an impression.  Amongst the crowd were Vivienne Westwood (Corre's mother), Kelly Cutrone and The Hills' Whitney Port.

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