Festival season is one of my favourite seasons of the entire year. It's a great time for free spirited individuals to get together in a carefree environment, release all their inhibitions and spread the love. Yesterday I went to Lovebox in Victoria park and it was one of my best festivals yet. The sun was shining, drinks were flowing, and the music was so loud you could feel the bass vibrating in your chest. Floral mini dresses seemed to be the most popular outfit choice amongst the ladies (I was in this category) with denim cut-off's being a close second. I wore banana's in my ears and fluorescent pink lipstick. Both proved to be a great conversation starter! There's something about festivals that makes them seem like a fantasy. Everyone is so happy you feel as though you could hug every person in sight! They truly are a time and a place where strangers show love towards one and other and that to me is something magical.

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