I recently made my first purchase from Babooshka Boutique and boy am I happy with it! There's always a slight nervous disposition when ordering clothes from somewhere new online, especially overseas as it makes returns that much harder! I can confidently say I will NOT be returning this item! I bought the Oversized T-shirt Dress in Black and I'm pretty sure it's the single most wonderful item in my closet. The dress is cotton / jersey knit, has a super deep v neckline, 3/4 sleeves and is shorter at the front than the back. I recently wore it with converse into London for breakfast with a friend and then wore it with my COS ankle booties (pictured above) for a dinner with friends. This dress can be dressed up or down and needs no more than a skinny plaited belt around the waist to give it definition. I've nicknamed this the box dress, pretty self explanatory, just look at the shape it creates! It's safe to say I will most definitely be making purchases from Babooshka Boutique in the future.


I can't deny that I have secret suburban housewife dreams, white picket fence and all so it's no surprise that I'm often happiest when I'm in my kitchen. As nineteen fifties as it may sound, I simply love pinning up my hair, putting on an apron and opening up a recipe book. Cooking to me is wonderfully relaxing and you can be as creative as you like. There's something about watching people enjoy good food knowing it was made by you which is extremely satisfying. Last night at around 9pm, I realise this is rather late and a random hour, I had a craving for Iced Tea and Oatmeal and Raisin cookies. I used my Barefoot Contessa California Iced Tea recipe which comes out of my recipe folder each Summer without fail! The recipe is wonderfully simple, only takes minutes and is fabulous in giant pitchers at summer barbeque's. My Oatmeal and Raisin recipe is one I adapted from a standard cookie recipe. The great thing about cookie dough is that it is extremely versatile and you can pretty much add anything you like into it, such as Oatmeal and Raisins! I was in my element yesterday evening and couldnt resist shaing some photographs with you.


Delicious Drippings of Gold Jewellery

Linda Farrow Projects Eyewear

Rainbow Coloured French Sole Pumps

I have decided to start a weekly post to my blog entitled FAVOURITE THINGS. I often find myself taking photographs or stumbling across various 'things' that appeal to me. If I see something and I like it, I photograph it however these findings are not always fulfilling enough to have an entire post devoted to them! favourite Things will be an amalgamation of my weekly little pleasures which I feel are worthy enough to share with you. This week's Favourite Things is, naturally, all fashion related. I thought it would be best to kick off the first of many posts by sticking to what I know!


LOVE magazine's editor-in-chief Katie Grand joined forces with Alexander Wang to celebrate his new collection and the Androgyny issue of LOVE magazine inside Liberty, London. The international designer room was transformed with giant LOVE magazine covers decorating the room along with clothing and accessories from Wang's new collection. Mint green and coral were the favoured colours of choice with the material of the moment appears to look like kitchen foil. Naturally, enormous sheets of foil were draped in and around the venue which suggested a futuristic theme to the event. Alexander Wang himself was entirely charming. He was happy to take photographs, answer and questions and simply chat freely to anyone who wished. I am a huge fan of Mr Wang so the chance to meet him and discuss his work was something of a dream, with the added bonus of him being a genuinely nice person!


Prepare to see a many of my future posts include products from the incredible make up brand Illamasqua. Illamasqua are all about self expression, drama and transformation. With the statement 'Make Up For Your Alter Ego' it's easy to see the brands passion towards creativeness, confidence and self-ownership. My favourite products of the moment are two sensational nail polishes. Gamma is an eye wateringly bright orange which is from the s/s 2011 collection Toxic Nature and Obsess is a loud shade of almost fluorescent pink, which has been renamed Fuschia Violet by the ladies in the Illamasqua office due to the coldness of the colour which adds a hint of purple. These two polishes will have you standing out from a crowd and are simply perfect for summer days in the bright sunshine. I've posted some pictures of my nails in the gorgeous Obsess along with some imagery from the Illamasqua archives. Take a look at the website where you can shop online, browse fantastic images of the collections and follow how to make up tutorials by Alex Box, Illamasqua's Creative Director.


Olivia Palermo The Stunning Chiara Ferragni from The Blonde Salad Lily Donaldson The Wonderful Olivia Phillips from My New Favourite Thing Here are all my leftover photographs from LFW. When I wasn't watching a show I was snapping away at anyone and anything that caught my eye. This amalgamation of pictures sums up how my days at LFW were spent. Sitting outside under the heated tables, drinking copious amounts of espresso and carrying out my favourite past time. People watching. Here's to LFW and standing out from a crowd.


This is the last, but most certainly not the least of my show coverage posts from LFW. I do realise I am STILL blogging about LFW 2months on but a girl has a lot to do and not much time to do it in! Ashish was the last show of LFW and it as long-awaited. The photographers fidgeted impatiently waiting for a seriously fashionably late MIA to arrive an be seated (she provided the stomping soundtrack for the show). Eventually the lights dimmed, the catwalk was uncovered and out came the models in Ashish's signature sequin - clad style. Boys and Girls alike wore creepers covered in tippexed slogans such as 'blog off' and 'more people read this shoe than your blog'. A secret message to bloggers perhaps?! There was plenty of tartan and punky holey knit jumpers layered over ripped denim jeans and glittery tracksuit bottoms. The show was stamped with all things traditionally Ashish however this collection carried a grungier more rebellious theme than his previous collections.