Flirty, fun and feminine is what comes to mind when think back to Holly Fulton's collection. With a mixture of feathers, prints, silk, and a-line skirts this was a collection made for ladies who like to look classic yet aren't afraid to mix it up a bit. Samantha Cameron and Daphne Guinness were amongst the frowers (that's Front Rowers) proving that the collection can appeal to women on opposite ends of the fashion spectrum. Elegant floor length bejeweled pieces will appeal to some, whist leather, snakeskin short numbers will appeal to others. Fulton waved the flag for Britain and did us proud with a unique and diverse collection.


With a collection newly created exclusively for Topshop, David Koma has been the name buzzing around fashion offices lately. There was a clear focus on anything round and circular, an element which was visually present within each piece. when a few of the models emerged with fur pom poms attached to some of the clothes it initially struck me by surprise. Upon further deliberation over them I decided they were fabulously creative and all I could do was smile at the brightly coloured fur balls. Aside from the pom pom's, the majority of the collection was black and nude and as ever there was plenty of leather. Koma layered colours on top of each other and punched out holes from the outer layer garment to reveal a different colour underneath. The collection was feminine, sophisticated and sexy and I imagine any woman would feel like a sexual feminine powerhouse in any of Koma's designs.


In the words of Eddie Murphy, "My friends want to... party all the time party all the time party all the tiiimme". This includes Saturday nights when they've been at home all day relaxing and I've been at work. yes, work. On a Saturday. I thought adding this post now would be a nice interjection into all of the fashion week posts that I am STILL trying to get through, apologies for that. So here we are, in all our glory on a Saturday night in Central London. Even after a painfully long day at work in heels, the lure of friends and cocktails in the greatest city in the world is enough to entice anyone. We drank, we danced and we befriended Frenchmen. The perfect Saturday night.


Upon entering the dark vast space of the Old Sorting Office I knew straight away there would be a treat in store. The Belle Sauvage models came stomping down the runway in sky high wedges covered in fur and adorned with chains and spikes galore. I turned straight to my friend as the first model emerged and said 'I need those shoes!'. Emaciated models wore tiny psychedelic printed dresses reminiscent of Alexander McQueen. Along with the rest of this seasons collections there was plenty of leather however it was the printed pieces which stole the show. The opening model managed to balance the most enormous circular hat with a width of around a metre on her head. The model who closed the show wore the simplest white cropped top paired with tight white cropped trousers. This was a complete juxtapose to the rest of the collection yet it worked. This was my favourite venue for a show where the collection married with it just perfectly.


This was the first show at LFW that wowed me. The collection itself was stunning along with the beautiful hotel setting which made the show slightly more special. Thank heavens for the use of bright and fluorescent colours which were exhibited by the models against a stark white runway which truly brought them to life. Favourite pieces from this collection were the hugely oversized fluorescent yeti dresses, I would wear a different colour one everyday of the week! Alongside these was a black halterneck jumpsuit which had one leg adorned with beaded tasseles which danced gloriously as the model strutted down the runway and a black and orange kriss kross number I re-named 'little orange riding hood'. This collection had a fabulous variety of materials, maribou, silk and velvet to name a few, which were made even more glorious teamed with rainbow brights. It's hard for me to only choose a few pictures from this collection as I had prime position at the end of the runway and I have far too many favourites! I will do my best to narrow it down but this may be a slightly longer post then usual!