Bora Aksu is a celebrity favourite and the front row this year was certainly not short of shining stars boasting the likes of Nicola Roberts and the legendary Twiggy. Within the collection we saw plenty of layering involving separate pieces. Inspiration from menswear tailoring was taken and injected into his designs to provide fabulous deconstructive tailoring with a feminine edge. The collection was confined in colour to gun metal grey, black and emerald green whilst containing lots of heavy texture throughout. There was also the odd sprinkle of sequins, lace detailing, leather and Aksu's love of piping detail. This is sure to be another collection which will have celebrities queuing at the door.


The models at Aminaka Wilmont most certainly left the 'pretty' behind and came out onto the runway in full force with some serious attitude. The print on the clothes had a tribal feel about them and the way the models carried themselves certainly hinted toward the predatorial which is what Aminaka Wilmont were aiming to achieve with this collection. If everyone thought that Shearling had had it's moment then they were wrong. The oversized shearling jacket that exploded onto this catwalk made a statement that shearling is here to stay. Aside from this, the rest of the collection put forth grunge and punk elements. Over the knee socks, chunky boots and plenty of leather gave the desired effect. The collection was fashion forward and edgy whilst still being completely wearable. This is sometimes a difficult thing to achieve however Aminaka Wilmont managed this perfectly.


First show of many from LFW, here we go...
The beginning of the Corrie Nielsen show exuded Elizabethan charm in both the colour and structure of the clothes. Amongst the black and grey was plenty of taffeta, angles and tailored trousers which could have come straight off of a menswear runway. As the show progressed we were introduced to more colour and more extravagant designs. The conservative vibe given off by the first few looks on the runway were blown out of the water by volume and shape. The show took a journey from dressed down evening wear into charming gowns in emerald green, crimson and champagne.


Dip Dyed hair appears to be the trend this season!

It's all started. The cobbles around Somerset House are clacking with the sound of some of the most fashionable heels in town. I am there everyday running in heels from show to show which is why am finding very little time to blog the shows daily. It's a busy week and i will try to post bits and bobs along the way. Come Wednesday when fashion week is over (sniff) everything will be back to normal and I will have the time to organise the 50,000 photographs that I will have taken. I will then organise all of my posts into shows and you will have a complte account of LFW. Keep checking for any updates on here and follow my twitter account for tweets direct from the runway. For now, here are some street style snaps I've taken over the past couple of days. Enjoy!


It's no secret that I have always been a fan of Victoria Beckham's exquisite sense of style. When we first heard that VB was going to turn her talents to designing I knew that we would be seeing magnificent collection after magnificent collection. This year's A/W 11 collection at NYFW did not disappoint. VB kept her love for simplicity however most of the clothes were much looser this time around then before. There were exciting bursts of colour as well as natural, earthy tones which married nicely among the drapey, casual pieces in the collection. VB also showcased her range of elegant handbags as well as introducing coats into her collection. The star of the show was a snakeskin collared halterneck maxi with a black leather belt wrapped numerous times around the waist giving this otherwise elegant gown an edge. Another great collection although I'm not sure how the ski caps will catch on!