What is it about the established bad girl Alice Dellal? Lately, I seem to have a slight obsession with the Brazillian beauty. Alice, in my opinion, has a stunning face and a body to die for, you would expect nothing less from Mario Testino's muse and the body that represents Agent Provocateur. However, with half a shaved head and a nose ring Alice is not usually the first person to pop into someone's head when they're thinking about a model of 'conventional beauty'. When Alice was shot for Dazed&Confused and Dominic Jones, the use of gothic make-up and eroticism married perfectly with the type of woman Alice comes across as. This had me swooning over the photographs for a rather long time, although It's not just styled photo shoots that have me starring in amazement. Miss Dellal's uniform of denim shorts, leather jackets, crop tops, tights and biker boots which all appear to have been thrown together often leaves me sighing and shaking my head in awe. I stare at Alice Dellal and I'm envious, they say good girls get no-where, maybe it's time to get the clippers out?

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