I wear: KG Seasame boots, black Topshop skinny jeans and denim shirt, COS tee and geek glasses.
I had a girly day out to Westfield's with my family last week. There wasn't much shopping to be had on my part, mainly the window kind, the rest of the day was spent eating. We had tasty wok fried prawn and chicken noodles from the Vietnamese street food eatery and heavenly frozen yogurt, which is guilt free with zero per cent fat until you add raspberries and mini oreo's to it! The eye catchers for me in Westfield's were various make-up displays. Topshop have recently released they're make-up range and they fully understand that how items are packaged are a crucial selling point. The nails polishes are covered in cute polka dots and everything else is in white packaging which is perfect to show off the rainbow colours of all of the products. Topshop also put on display the make-up items which are seasonal and on trend accompanied with attractive leaflets showing you 'how-to'. Walking past the MAC store I literally stopped in my tracks as the glass walls of the store had been attacked by giant transfers of Disney's villainous queens. The new Venomous Villains collections is my ultimate favourite, it by far beats the Barbie and Hello Kitty collections. The villains include the Evil Queen from Snow White, Maleficient from Sleeping Beauty and my all time fashion icon, Cruella De Vil. The collection is made to bring out the dark side in all of us by using stunning hues of purple and blood red as well as dazzling dark nail polishes good enough for the frosty queen's themselves. Being bad has never looked so good!

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