Michael Myers, one of the best horror movie characters

A Halloween home in Plainfield Illinois

Scrumptious Halloween Candy

My Skeleton Pumpkin

Adrianna Lima wins best Halloween costume... Amazing!

Halloween is by far my favourite holiday of the year. The chance to carve creepy pumpkins and to put a little spook and scare into our lives. I make an almighty effort on Halloween and I wish more people would too! If there was any reason to live in America then this would be on the top of my list. I find it so inspiring that so much effort is made on people's costumes and homes which completely transform the streets people live in to look like scenes straight out of a Halloween movie! My Halloween night will be spent sitting in the dark with friends watching numerous horror movies, pumpkins glowing beside me and eating lots of Halloween candy (hopefully leaving some for the trick or treaters!). The evening will probably end with Hocus Pocus, a much more light hearted Halloween movie than the others I will be watching and so will be much needed to relieve some of the scary tension that will have been built up!
Happy Halloween everyone!

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