Howdy y'all (you'll figure out the need for the cowboy lingo furthur on in the post!) I feel as though the beginning of all of my LFW posts are starting to sound repetetive, if this is the case then I apologise. However, this one was a biggie, much anticipated on my behalf and highly spoken of, available exclusively at Topshop Oxford street, Net-a-Porter and the prestigious Browns I give you..... Ashish. His signature? Sequins, and boy was there pleanty of these. The Ashish woman is described as 'fun-loving, sexy, a sense of humour, she likes to make an entrance'.... anyone who wears Cowboy boots with the McDonalds logo, french fries and Heinz baked beans cans scattered on them most definitely has to have a sense of humour. There was some form of headwear on all of the models, baseball caps to feathered headressed to cowboy hats. What may have appeared as a fancy dress show actually translates beautifully into the life of the everday modern woman. The air was thick with fringing, animal print, chequered shirts and oversized garments which are all trends that we see everyday, the only difference being Ashish injects his clothes with sparkle and most of all fun. Opinions were varied about the collection and after all of the anticipation and buzz surrounding this particular show I found myself foot tapping and head bobbing along to the music, all the while smiling sweetly inside at the pleasantries of the clothes being paraded around before me.
P.S. I met the lovely Diana Vickers once the show had ended, what a beauty and a genuwinely lovely girl!
I wore LnA cape, Cos fringed leggings, New Look wedges... standard.

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