Me and my topman fedora.... the gorgeous Kenwood Estate in the background.

I think I can now say with certainty that Summer is here and boy do I love living in the city. It appears that the sunshine comes out and people's 'cool' buttons are automatically switched on, everyone just looks so great in their summer clothes! One of my favourite things to wear in the summer are hats! Apart from woolies and beanies in the winter my fedora's and bolero's barely get to see the light of day. I thought it the perfect opportunity to don my fedora on a day out to Kenwood Park in Hampstead.
I love painting my nails.... period. However I'll admit in the winter time my nails turn yellow from the dark colours they are always adorning. Hoorah when the sunshine comes out to play and I feel it is entirely appropriate to paint each nail a differnt bright colour if i so wish! This month it's all about the pastels. My favourites are Barry M's Mint Green, check out the toes and OPI's Rumple's Wiggin from the Shrek collection, modelled by my finger nails.

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