Wearing all my new purchases at once

Friendship bracelets bought from Kitson

A LOT of shopping bags!
House Of Harlow 1960 Sunburst Earrings House Of Harlow 1960 Gold Plated Medallion Necklace

I just had a short but sweet holiday to none other than Los Angeles. It wasnt so much of a holiday as it was a shopping trip accompanied by a couple of dinners and a day lying by the pool! Naturally i came home with lots of lovely things. LA's laid back Californian lifestyle makes it impossible to not buy excessive amounts of casual tee's and vest's ( I actually bought the same vest in FOUR different colours from Barney's, all with a cheeky pocket on the chest.... I simply couldn't resist!).
I've had my eye on some House of Harlow 1960 jewellery (Nicole Richie's jewellery range) for some time now, however, if you're planning on buying more than one piece it can end up being a bit pricey in the UK. So when i came across House of Harlow in notorious LA fashion boutique and celebrity favourite Kitson, I jumped at the chance. I purchased a stunning long chain gold medallion necklace (which opens up so you can put a photograph inside!) and a pair of gold studded sunburst earrings which have a leather centre, gorgeous!
My indulgence purchase came from Winter Kate. This is Nicole Richies chic, ready-to-wear
clothing line inspired by peacokcs and birds. I bought a beautiful charcoal grey feather print wrap made from 100% natural vintage silk. Team with a white vest, dark denim jeans, heels and a sprinkling of gold for an effortless boho look.