It is the end of an era. Carine Roitfeld, editor in chief of French Vogue has announced that she will be stepping down in January after 10 years. Rotfeld transformed French Vogue into a much more edgy and daring magazine then British and American Vogue. Levels of circulation and advertising were at an all time high under Roitfeld's editorial success. As a woman who dared push boundaries and was a fashion icon in her own right, RIP Carine Roitfeld (not literally!). French Vogue will not be the same without you.


If you follow me on twitter then you'll know that almost every other tweet of mine lately has involved mentioning macaroons from Laduree. Laduree is a fabulous Parisienne desert shop which I recently discovered have a branch in Harrods! You walk in from the outside to the most luxurious tea rooms which instantly make me feel as though I have been transported to Paris. These gorgeous sweet treats come in numerous flavours, from pistachio to lemon, rose to chesnut and my personal favourite salted caramel. Laduree macaroons are pricier than you're average cupcake but take my word for it they are worth it! If you pass by Knightsbridge then please, for me, go into Laduree and treat yourself!


Michael Myers, one of the best horror movie characters

A Halloween home in Plainfield Illinois

Scrumptious Halloween Candy

My Skeleton Pumpkin

Adrianna Lima wins best Halloween costume... Amazing!

Halloween is by far my favourite holiday of the year. The chance to carve creepy pumpkins and to put a little spook and scare into our lives. I make an almighty effort on Halloween and I wish more people would too! If there was any reason to live in America then this would be on the top of my list. I find it so inspiring that so much effort is made on people's costumes and homes which completely transform the streets people live in to look like scenes straight out of a Halloween movie! My Halloween night will be spent sitting in the dark with friends watching numerous horror movies, pumpkins glowing beside me and eating lots of Halloween candy (hopefully leaving some for the trick or treaters!). The evening will probably end with Hocus Pocus, a much more light hearted Halloween movie than the others I will be watching and so will be much needed to relieve some of the scary tension that will have been built up!
Happy Halloween everyone!


I wear: KG Seasame boots, black Topshop skinny jeans and denim shirt, COS tee and geek glasses.
I had a girly day out to Westfield's with my family last week. There wasn't much shopping to be had on my part, mainly the window kind, the rest of the day was spent eating. We had tasty wok fried prawn and chicken noodles from the Vietnamese street food eatery and heavenly frozen yogurt, which is guilt free with zero per cent fat until you add raspberries and mini oreo's to it! The eye catchers for me in Westfield's were various make-up displays. Topshop have recently released they're make-up range and they fully understand that how items are packaged are a crucial selling point. The nails polishes are covered in cute polka dots and everything else is in white packaging which is perfect to show off the rainbow colours of all of the products. Topshop also put on display the make-up items which are seasonal and on trend accompanied with attractive leaflets showing you 'how-to'. Walking past the MAC store I literally stopped in my tracks as the glass walls of the store had been attacked by giant transfers of Disney's villainous queens. The new Venomous Villains collections is my ultimate favourite, it by far beats the Barbie and Hello Kitty collections. The villains include the Evil Queen from Snow White, Maleficient from Sleeping Beauty and my all time fashion icon, Cruella De Vil. The collection is made to bring out the dark side in all of us by using stunning hues of purple and blood red as well as dazzling dark nail polishes good enough for the frosty queen's themselves. Being bad has never looked so good!


What is it about the established bad girl Alice Dellal? Lately, I seem to have a slight obsession with the Brazillian beauty. Alice, in my opinion, has a stunning face and a body to die for, you would expect nothing less from Mario Testino's muse and the body that represents Agent Provocateur. However, with half a shaved head and a nose ring Alice is not usually the first person to pop into someone's head when they're thinking about a model of 'conventional beauty'. When Alice was shot for Dazed&Confused and Dominic Jones, the use of gothic make-up and eroticism married perfectly with the type of woman Alice comes across as. This had me swooning over the photographs for a rather long time, although It's not just styled photo shoots that have me starring in amazement. Miss Dellal's uniform of denim shorts, leather jackets, crop tops, tights and biker boots which all appear to have been thrown together often leaves me sighing and shaking my head in awe. I stare at Alice Dellal and I'm envious, they say good girls get no-where, maybe it's time to get the clippers out?


I wore Sequinned blazer, Topshop bandeau dress, Chanel bag.

Pevonia massage area, complete with cranberry vodka cocktails!

I had the pleasure of being able to go to the launch of the new high-end men's fashion magazine Seventh Man, aimed at the 'fashion conscious socially aware men of the 21st century'. The event was held at the exclusive members only venue The Cuckoo Club in London. The crowd drawn was a mixture of the fashion elite with everyone from press, to celebrities to the event sponsors. There was a luxurious hand and arm massage area using Pevonia products which were entirely organic and smelled luscious. Accompanying this was a 'skin age detector' which scanned the face and told you of the sun damage and effects that everyday life has had on your skin... I steered clear of this one! As the night went on the throng of fashionistas grabbed they're complimentary cranberry vodka cocktails and followed the beat of the music which lead down into a mirrored, disco-balled, alcohol filled club where the DJ spun his records into the early hours. In all, a great night... Make way for the Seventh Man!


Alexa Chung Jessica Alba Olivia Palermo Marion Cotillard Miley Cyrus
It's happened, unfortunately my lovely long locks have been given the chop. Thanks to a decade of straightening, bleaching, tonging and generally messing around with, my hair has had enough. It refuses to grow, colours itself according to the weather and simply hangs limp and lifeless on my head. The time had come to snip off those split ends (pretty much the whole of my head) and to start growing again from scratch. So, to cheer myself up I though I would post pictures of some well known ladies who at the moment have what I now have, a long shaggy bob-ish thing. If they can get away with it surely I can too no?
RIP my luscious chocolate lengthy locks, until we meet again when my hair decides to grow.


Thought I would share some of the snaps I took of the fashion elite whilst sashaying around Somerset house drinking endless cups of double espresso and never ending amounts of vitamin water. Enjoy!